Puppy Diarrhea Remedy – How to Give Immediate Relief?

Posted on February 14th, 2011 by Alex

puppy diarrhea remedy

Like humans, all dogs suffered diarrhea at some point of their lives. Most dog diarrhea lasts one or a couple of days. It is especially common to puppies which are more prone to digestive infections because of not yet fully developed body defense system.

Diarrhea in dogs/puppies varies from mild cases, which can respond to natural remedies, to severe ones, which needs to be examined by a veterinarian.

Discover how you can get rid of your dog’s diarrhea fast.

Puppy diarrhea is commonly caused by viruses and parasites. It is something not to ignore because it can lower the puppy’s immune system and may even lead to death because of serious dehydration. The following are simple but effective ways to get rid of puppy diarrhea at the early start of it.

1. Without the signs of dehydration, it is advised to fast the puppy (not less than 7-week old) for a maximum of 12 hours to rest the tummy.  However, if dehydration occurs, water or other fluids/sub fluids should be given constantly to replace whatever was lost in the pup’s body.

2. Switch to a blander diet. Start with small servings of bland food 4-5 times throughout the day. Gradually increase the amount of serving until the stool becomes normal. Some of the recommended bland diets are cooked white rice, cottage cheese, scrambled egg, boiled potato, boiled chicken and boiled turkey. There should be no flavorings, butter or oil added. Canned pumpkin is also known to help treat diarrhea among dogs/puppies.

3. A puppy’s delicate digestive system can be affected by the stress he may feel because of leaving his mom and siblings and getting familiarized to the new environment. It is your role to help the puppy adjust and make him feel assured.

4. For puppies 6-week old and up, give a dose of Pepto Bismol every 6 hours depending on pup’s weight (1ml per 10lbs). Another is Imodium AD that will be given every 8 hours, same dosage with Pepto. For younger puppies, ask for veterinary advice.

Puppy diarrhea is quite common and therefore requires the pet owners to learn basic knowledge about diarrhea remedy. According to research, 90% of such cases can be treated at home. On the other hand, the presence of additional symptoms during diarrhea such as fever, pain or vomiting already requires the intervention of a veterinarian for proper examination.

Aside from the immediate relief given to the puppies, you are also relieved of your own stress over the situation just by thinking of the bills you have to pay if the situation came to worse.

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  1. paula

    dry pup food mixed with a li’l milk with warmed-up then put with some more dry bout a 1/2 cup 3-4 times a day n make sure u bring them out to potty when ever possible. Clean-up any yuch n clean bed or floor or anything the pup poos on. pedialite for babies to repalce the elctolites lost. Lots of water! The poor thing can’t tellya but they get dehydrated fast! our pup just got it but it’s getting better! Never tried it but… maybe a li’l gatoraide. I pray these suggestions help! LAICP

  2. kerry

    I’m having a puppy diarrhea situation I did not see here, please advise:
    I brought home a 3.5 month golden lab on May 11 and started her on eukanuba 2x a day plus 1T pumpkin puree w each meal. She had 2nd shots at vet on 5/12 and bath at vet on 5/13. She is fed at 6am and 1pm. She is crate training. She poops 3-4 times a day. Saturday night 5/14 (11pm through 5am) she had diarrhea hourly. Sunday(5/15) she pooped 4 times, good and solid and timely. Then Sunday night (well, this morning Monday 5/16) she had diarrhea again, 1 am, 2 am, 3 am , 5 am. What is going on? Why solid in the day and diarrhea at night? Thanks-

  3. Gloria Morgan

    This is the first time a puppy that we have gotten has had this problem..I have made sure he drinks plenty of water..will try the scrambled egg .. He just turned 8 weeks today. Any help or advice is greatly appricated…Thanks…Gloria

  4. Frank

    What do you think? My pup id aBout 9weeks old and coexists in my one bedroom apt with my 14month daughter. As of late my lil princes has been experimenting with self feeding so plenty of food has been spilled on my floor,before im able to pick it up my dog always gets his little paws into the food and that explains the diarrea, I qill try ur remedy, i’ll get back @u :)

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