Dog Diarrhea Diet – What It Is and How to Serve It

Posted on March 24th, 2011 by Alex

dog diarrhea diet

When your dog is suffering from diarrhea you need to change the usual food you feed it with. Just like humans, a dog suffering from diarrhea has its stomach in a sensitive state. This is why it is necessary to change from the usual diet to a dog diarrhea diet known as bland food diet.

The Bland Diet

A bland diet is a type of diet that includes types of food that is light on the stomach. These foods can vary from broths to actual cooked meat with very little to no fat. These bland foods are to provide nutrients to your dog without aggravating its stomach, helping the dog excrete the cause of its diarrhea.

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The typical bland diet is given to a dog after a full day of water diet. This is to prepare the dog’s stomach and make it less sensitive to food. The initial serving starts with the following:

  1. a cup of rice, either white or brown
  2. a half cup of boiled meat, poultry or hamburger patty
  3. probiotics
  4. baked potatoes, skinless


After the 24-hour fast of your dog, start feeding it with the bland food in small servings. Give these servings every 4 hours to keep your dog nourished and from starving. The idea is to help your dog recuperate without stressing its stomach.

Do this for 2 to 3 days when you can see improvements in the condition of your dog. Increase the serving of the bland food since your dog is in a better state of health which will demand more nourishment. Continue feeding your dog this way until its diarrhea is gone.


You can add several dietary supplements that will help your dog recuperate from diarrhea. An example of this is fluids rich in electrolytes. Dogs also need electrolytes just like us humans to combat dehydration. You can use oral rehydration solution on the drinking water for your dog everytime it needs to drink. Another great supplement is probiotics. This will balance out the number of beneficial bacteria and bad bacteria in your dog’s stomach which will help combat diarrhea.

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The main purpose of a dog diarrhea diet is to fulfill the nourishment needs of your dog without upsetting its stomach further. This way even when it looses too much fluids it is immediately replenished along with the nutrients needed to keep its body ready to fight off diarrhea.

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