Canine Diarrhea Treatment – Common Home Remedies and Medications

Posted on February 28th, 2011 by Alex

canine diarrhea treatment

Almost every dog owner will say “My dog won’t eat out of the trash” and things of this nature. But in reality, when the owners are not looking you have no idea what your dog is really capable of. Canine diarrhea could be the very outcome you walk into after a long day at work because your well behaved dog decided something was too good to walk away from.

Here are some of the common canine diarrhea diet remedies:

  • Boiled potato (plain without skin. Feed on small potato.)
  • Hard boiled egg (plain)
  • Boiled chicken (no skin or bone)
  • Scrambled egg (no salt & pepper)
  • White rice (plain)

This is called a bland diet and it is recommended to feed small portions to the dog until the runny bowel movements stop. Do not feed the amount of food you normally would to your dog while he isn’t feeling well.

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Smaller portions make it easier for him to digest and gives his body a chance to recuperate. As the stool begins to solidify you can begin decreasing the bland diet and increasing the regular dog food.

You can give your dog some over the counter medications for humans with the approval of your veterinarian. One of the most common over the counter medications given to both humans and dogs is Pepto Bismol. Your vet will give you the appropriate dosing instructions if he feels it is safe to give to your dog.

Imodium AD is another human over the counter medication that can be given to a dog for diarrhea with veterinarian approval and dosage instructions.

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Canine diarrhea is generally not a condition to be overly concerned about. However, if you begin noticing other symptoms such as lethargy, depression, weigh loss, seizures or other signs of neurological distress you should contact your vet.

These could be signs of toxins or parasites among several other things. Early diagnosis and treatment could be the key to saving your dogs life if the condition is serious. Feel free to call your vet and ask questions if you are unsure if your dog needs to be seen.

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